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Central Heating & Plumbing Installations

When planning a new system or replacement of an existing system, contact us to discuss your requirements. We offer a complete central heating and plumbing design and installation service, which includes a full quotation and detailed specification of the work to be carried out. We can advise the best position for equipment and the most efficient system for the property. Details can be taken from drawings or a site visit.
For some examples of our work, please view our Central Heating & Plumbing gallery.

Wet Under Floor Central Heating Installations

Under floor central heating is fast becoming the first choice of space heating for new homes, refurbishments and extensions. The system has advantages over conventional radiator systems as placement of furniture is not restricted by radiators and there is no unsightly pipe work in living areas. Programmable room thermostats allow you to select a lower setback temperature during the night or when the building is un-occupied, thereby overcoming the problem of re-heating a cold house in the morning, whilst reducing the energy consumption during the night. Wet Under Floor Central Heating is an ideal space heating system when used in conjunction with air and ground heat pumps as a low temperature is required from the heat source. FLOOR SYSTEM: Screed Floor / Suspended Floor / Floating Floor / Overlay.
Choice have supplied and installed over 175 systems from a single room to 390 square meter systems.
For some examples of our work, please view our Wet Underfloor Heating gallery.

Hot Water Un-vented Systems

Un-vented hot water storage systems are replacing vented storage systems, and is the choice for most, if not all new buildings and refurbishment projects, due to the advantages over the conventional cold water storage tank systems. These advantages include: mains pressure to all taps; no shower pumps required; more room in loft; can be fitted in any room in property or garage. This system can also provide drinking water to all cold taps if a water softener is not fitted. (When water softener is fitted, untreated drinking service can be installed to cold taps if required, but one tap must have untreated drinking water). Choice are happy to carry out upgrades to existing cold water storage tank systems.
For some examples of our work, please view our Hot Water & Unvented Systems gallery.

Oil Boilers & Tank Installations

Choice carry out installations of new oil boilers and oil storage tanks, all maintenance and repair work, and offer annual servicing contracts. Work includes the removal of water from tanks, removal of existing tanks, installation of new oil service pipe work, pipe work supplies and delivery of pipe work installed.

Solar Hot Water Installations

Solar hot water systems are environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient. Solar heating systems take the energy from the sun to raise the temperature of water in the hot water cylinder, which offsets the work required by the existing heat source, ie. boiler or heat pump. There are flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors. A new twin coil cylinder would need to be installed to an existing system. Panels must be fitted on a south east to south west facing roof with the optimum roof angle of 30 degrees to the horizon. Contact Choice for all your Solar Hot Water installations, servicing and repairs.
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Air/Ground Source Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps are providing a new and clean way to heat buildings. They make use of energy stored in the ambient air and renewable energy stored in the ground, thus providing one of the most efficient ways of heating buildings. Air source is more cost effective as there are no trenches or bore hole work required. Heat pumps are best suited to a low distribution temperature in buildings with highly insulated standards and are ideal when integrated with under floor central heating, as this can run with a temperature of only 30 to 35oC. Heat pumps can also be installed in conjunction with existing systems and boilers. Contact Choice for all your Air/Ground Source Heat Pump installations, servicing and repairs.
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Sheet Lead Work

Lead is one of the most traditional materials used to weatherproof buildings and can last up to 100 years. Choice offer an excellent service in sheet lead roofing due to their vast experience gained working on several large projects. Work undertaken has included church roofs, bell towers, commercial buildings, listed buildings and many new build projects. Our skills extend to ornamental features for flat roofs, dormer windows, box gutter linings and flashings to abutments.
For some examples of our work, please view our Sheet Lead Work gallery

Maintenance, Servicing and General Plumbing & Heating

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